Appointment of Interim Vice-Principal (Public Affairs)


I am pleased to announce that Vaughan Dowie will serve as Interim Vice-Principal (Public Affairs) beginning July 23, 2008, and until a new Vice-Principal is named.

Vaughan Dowie joined the Public Affairs Office in August of 2007, coming to McGill from the Government of British Columbia. He has more than 30 years of experience as a senior manager in Public Sector and Community organizations, including as President of the Commission de Protection des Droits de la Jeunesse; Executive Director of Batshaw Youth and Family Centres; and Assistant Deputy Minister in three different ministries for the Government of British Columbia.

An Advisory Committee for the Selection of a Vice-Principal (Public Affairs) was struck on July 7 in accordance with University Statutes. The composition of the Advisory Committee is as follows:

Professor Heather Munroe-Blum (Principal and Vice-Chancellor)

Board of Governors Representatives:
Dr. Robert Rabinovitch (Chair)
Me Stuart Cobbett (Deputy Chair)
Me Eric Maldoff
Ms Lili de Grandpré

Senate Representatives:
Professor Bernard Robaire
Professor Nicholas Kasirer (Dean)
Professor Christophe Pierre (Dean)
Dr. Samuel Benaroya (Associate Vice-Principal, Health Affairs)

Student Representatives:
Mr. Medi El-Ouali (graduate student)
Ms Kay Turner (undergraduate student)

This announcement is sent on behalf of Professor Heather Munroe-Blum, Principal and Vice-Chancellor