New featured article on Hg cycling in the American Chemical Society's Chemical & Engineering News


Published: 29Mar2016

Congratulations to AOS members including Uday!  Another recent papers from our group, on Hg lamp recycling will appear as the feature article in Chemical & Engineering News, a weekly magazine published by the American Chemical Society.   It is the third articles in three months that has become cover page, hot articles and feature articles from our group.

Here is the new article:

Z. HU; U. Kurien;  K. Murwira , A., Ghoshdastidar, O. Nepotchatykh, P. A.  Ariya, Development of a novel green technology for mercury recycling from spent compact fluorescent lamps using iron oxides nanoparticles and electrochemistry", ACS ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng.,2016,


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