Acknowledgement of our donors: Spring 2011-12


Published: 23Apr2012

Generous donations to the School greatly support excellence in our educational mission. Two new awards have been created and endowed to recognize the outstanding achievements of our students. Furthermore, a generous contribution will enable the development of courses offered online in bilingual format for a new Graduate Certificate program.

Beverlea Tallant Occupational Therapy Award in Mental Health

Dr. Beverlea Tallant was a faculty member of the School for several decades, teaching about the roles of occupational therapists in the mental health arena of practice. She played a leadership role in curriculum development and was instrumental in the development of the new professional Masters curriculum in OT.

This award was established in 2011 by both Dr. Tallant, and the generous donations from family, friends and colleagues as well as graduates of the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy at the time of her retirement. It is awarded by the School to a graduate student in Rehabilitation Science, in recognition of an outstanding research project related to Occupational Therapy practice in mental health.

Value of the award: minimum $750


Dr. Alice Chan-Yip Multiculturalism Award

Dr. Alice Chan-Yip is a graduate of McGill's medical program and was a community-based pediatrician for over 30 years. Throughout her career she has devoted herself to the creation of culturally sensitive community health services for immigrant families to address culture-specific health problems, most notably within the Chinese community. Dr. Chan-Yip's humanitarian qualities, advocacy and vision were recognized by the Order of Canada. Dr. Chan-Yip's daughter is an occupational therapist and her goddaughter is a member of our faculty.

This award was established in 2012 by the donor, in recognition of the importance of cultural competency in professional practice in rehabilitation, either in the domestic or the international arena. This is awarded by the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy to a student enrolled in the School's professional occupational or physical therapy programs or to a post-baccalaureate student registered in the Master's or PhD programs in Rehabilitation Science, who has conducted a project embodying the principles of cultural competency in rehabilitation.

Value of the award: minimum $750


$50,000 donation from the Louise and Alan Edwards Foundation

The Louise and Alan Edwards Foundation have supported many initiatives at McGill University that relate to pain research and education. This Foundation has generously donated funds to our Graduate Certificate in Chronic Pain Management. This is a new bilingual, online graduate certificate program which will provide frontline clinicians across health professions with state of the art knowledge and skill competencies on the biopsychosocial mechanisms that underlie pain, standardized assessment tools and evidence-based interventions. This contribution from the Foundation will greatly support the content development of the five graduate courses and will contribute to translation costs and marketing of this exciting and timely new continuing education program for health professionals.


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