Accounting for Beauty


Consider three professionals: Sam, Jane and Bob. Sam works in a skyscraper with a gorgeous view of the city. Jane works in an industry that revolves around cosmetics and beauty care products, and Bob draws up spreadsheets and financial models every day. Which one do you think is the accountant?

... Meet a real life Jane, Kamar Al Sarakbi (BCom'06), a financial manager at L'Oreal Canada. She's one of the first people that can attest to working for the world's largest cosmetics and beauty company means that the accounting work is much more varied, ever changing and requires people that have a knack for wanting to be innovative. The interview that follows sheds some light on what a financial Manager's role is, as well as what the culture is like at L'Oreal Canada and why Al Sarakbi has decided to remain with them for all these years.

-Article by BCom student Majd Steitieh

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