4500 Days of Beaming at the BIC's Cyclotron Unit


Published: 12Nov2015

Today marks the 4500th day of faithful beaming in our IBA Cyclotron, Serial Number 000. 

The cyclotron is the pivotal instrument for producing isotopes used in radionuclides for PET and SPECT research at the Neuro. 

IBA - a Belgian company now a world leader in nuclear medicine equipment - produced and delivered its first ever cyclotron for the Neuro’s PET Unit in 1990. We need to remember that the BIC is the birthplace of PET science in Canada, initiating groundbreaking R&D work in the 1970’s under the leadership of Dr. Bill Feindel. The key role of our Unit in IBA’s success story was recently recognized this summer, by a Special Award to our Unit at the last IBA User Group Meeting in Bern (Switzerland) (see picture, featuring Miriam Kovacevic from the Cyclo Unit).  
The Unit has grown tremendously over the years, and is now operating at close to full capacity: our dedicated team of 15 highly-qualified personnel, produce up to 25 different types of radiotracers - longest catalogue in the country - for hundreds of research scans per year, serving dozens of researchers at McGill, the Douglas, the Jewish General Hospital, the Montreal General Hospital, the University of Montreal, UQAM, and as far as Ottawa, Quebec City and Rimouski.          

More info: https://mcgill.ca/bic/core-facilities/pet-spect-cyclotron

Happy birthday Model 000!