2013 Isaac Tannenbaum Resident Research Day!!!


The 2013 Isaac Tannenbaum Resident Research Day held on May 31st was a real success!! This day was an opportunity for our residents to present their scholarly work as well as to meet with other residents from the different McGill Family Medicine Units. Everyone present was extremely impressed by the quality and the variety of both the oral and poster presentations.  This event also allowed students and members of the Department, as well as Unit Directors, Educational Directors, and Research Coordinators to learn more about some of the on-going research programs happening in Family Medicine at McGill.

We would like to congratulate Dr. Marc Richard Albert from St-Mary’s Hospital, Dr. Justin Richard-Ross; Dr. Glynn Rankin-Jardin and Dr. Medhat Naguib Guirguis from CLSC Métro and Dr. Lauren Hamlin-Douglas and Dr. Elise Boulanger from St-Mary’s Hospital, for best oral presentations and congratulate Dr. Nathalie Gans and Dr. Selena Matthews from JGH- Herzl Family Practice Center and Dr. Yolaine Yim from CLSC Côte-Des-Neiges for best poster presentations.  

A big thank you to all who have participated, to the speakers, graduate students, staff and members of Faculty who have volunteered and worked hard to make this day a memorable event!   

See you next year!