2009 CA Recruitment Campaign


You may be thinking “first I will concentrate on my courses and once I am done, then I will concentrate on a job search”.  In fact, for Accounting, you need to reverse that thinking and begin your job search long before you graduate! Every September, Chartered Accounting Firms come on campus to recruit graduating students for permanent positions and U2 students for summer internships. This recruitment process is regulated by the Quebec Order of Chartered Accountants and is very intensive. Our goal is therefore to inform you of this recruitment process, help you prepare adequately, and assist you throughout as need be.

All Cont. Ed. students who want to participate in CA Recruitment must be registered with CaPS for the Fall 2009 session by paying the $52 student service fee in person at the CaPS office (Brown Bldg, 3600 McTavish St., Room 2200) in order to participate in the September campaign. The CaPS fee entitles you to all activities, workshops and specialized programs provided by CaPS. Becoming a member of the McGill Accounting Society (MAS) is a separate process .  There is a $15 registration fee that includes having your picture taken to be included in the CA Recruitment Booklet as well as attending the MAS Accounting Cocktail.

All Faculty of Management students are automatically registered with Management Career Services and are eligible to participate in the CA Recruitment campaign.  However, Management students should still join the McGill Accounting Society (MAS) for a $15 registration fee.  This fee covers the picture that is taken for the CA Recruitment Booklet that gets distributed to employers as well as the MAS Cocktail .

The MAS website ( www.mcgillaccounting.com) houses all the recruitment information that you will need to participate in this year’s recruitment process.  Review the student recruitment package AS WELL as all other documents found under the recruitment section.

Important Dates:

  • Sept. 1 – Sept. 6: Register with the McGill Accounting Society (MAS).  Tables will be set-up in the Bronfman Building Lobby from 10-4 and some hours will be available on the first weekend as well.  Your picture will be taken upon registration for the Accounting Cocktail Book.  Formal attire is recommended, so make sure to brush  your hair and wear a clean shirt!!!!

  • Sept. 2: Information Session from 4:00-5:30pm in Leacock 26 on the accounting recruitment process given by the McGill Accounting Society, Management Career Services and the Career Planning Service (CaPS).  Its purpose is to inform you what to expect during the recruiting period. Career Services will also discuss last year's statistics and placements with you. The order of chartered accountants will also give a brief overview of the code of conduct that is expected during the recruiting period. Registration is required through myFuture.  From the events tab click on workshops/panels/events tab and keyword search kickoff to register.

  • Sept. 4 – Sept. 24: Firms hold tours, workshops, and cocktails to promote themselves.  This is your chance to find out about the different firms and meet both recruiters and current interns.   To attend events you must register online through myFuture.  From your homepage click on Events, followed Information Sessions and Select the information type from the dropdown menu and click on the search button.  Please note that all recruiters will be receiving a copy of the sign-up sheet and they typically take attendance.  Therefore, I would strongly suggest that if you sign up for a firm tour that you honor your commitment.  Failure to show up for a firm tour is not looked upon favorably.  You should also peruse the workshop section under Events for any accounting related workshops being offered by Career Services.

  • Sept. 17: MAS Accounting Cocktail from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, attended by all the firms participating in the accounting recruitment, including those that opted not to offer tours.   You MUST be there dressed in business attire.   Your $15 MAS membership fee includes attendance at this Cocktail ( it must be paid for in advance).

  • Sept 25: Applications deadlines are due at 9 AM

    • A listing of all firms recruiting for both permanent and summer positions will be available on the MAS Website as well as a description on how to apply to each firm.  This year, it will no longer be necessary to PRINT CACEE forms to submit your application.  All firms have provided either an email address or a website to receive all the student applications.  Note that it is NOT necessary to wait until the deadline day to send your applications. Career Services will NO LONGER be the drop off point for your applications.

    • All Students participating in CA Accounting Recruitment must email a completed Application Summary Sheet to the carol.karoutas [at] mcgill.ca no later than Sept. 28th. The form will also be available on the MAS website in early September. This is a mandatory step in the application process.

    • Quebec firms  will require a Cacee form to apply. Out of province firms usually require a resume and cover letter.  Download the CACEE form from http://www.mcgillaccounting.com/CACEEForm.doc and fill it out. To view a sample completed cacee form, go to http://www.mcgillaccounting.com/SampleCACEEForm.pdf. Note, it can take several hours to complete, so don’t wait until the last minute and do not COPY the sample! For those needing to write a resume and cover letter, consult the Guide to writing resumes which can be found in the career resources section of myFuture (management students should ensure that they consult the management guide).

  • Sep 28th- Oct 7th: Interviews take place

  • Oct 19th: Offers are extended


For up-to-date information, check out the MAS Website on a regular basis.

For a complete listing of all CA Training Offices in Ontario go to :  http://www.guidetorulingtheworld.ca/Path/apps/cato/cato.aspx

Please note that the list can be segmented by size of firm and geography.



Contact Information

Jean Hepworth
Career Planning Service (CaPS)
jean.hepworth [at] mcgill.ca