Innovative Careers after a Music Degree – What would Beethoven do?


Salle Tanna Schulich, Pavillon de musique Elizabeth Wirth, CA, QC, Montréal, 527 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, CA
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Study of music can lead in many directions in a world where the music business is constantly changing. What do music students do once they graduate? Five graduates from the Schulich School of Music will tell us about their careers and challenges after graduation, and the entrepreneurial spirit that led them to where they are today. What place does performance have in their lives? How do we keep classical music alive and relevant to today’s audiences? Join us during McGill Innovation Week 2016 in celebration of McGill’s new Music Entrepreneurship minor. A viewing of Jonathan Keijser’s film “What Would Beethoven do?” will follow the panel.

Lindsay Michael (BMus 2003, MMus 2007), CBC radio host, leader of an experimental opera company
François and Pierre Lamoureux (BMus 1991 & 1988), filmmakers, music producers and musicians
Martine Gagné  (Artist Dip. 2004), freelance violist and physical rehabilitation therapist specializing in musicians’ injuries
Jonathan Keijser (BMus 2012), filmmaker and musician
Julie Cumming, Interim Dean, Schulich School of Music, McGill University - Moderator

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