Construction Start: McConnell Arena - Electrical upgrade

Publié: 20 June 2023

Please be advised that McGill University has mandated Concept P.V.R. Inc. to carry out the following project : 18-156 McConnell Arena / Renovations (phase 1) – Electrical upgrade

Description :

Phase 1 consist of prepatory works to increase the electrical infrastructure at McConnell Arena. This is a precursor to phase two in which major interventions will be made to the different electrical and mechanical systems including the ice making equipment. The present improvements include some civil, structural and architectural interventions to accommodate the new installations.

This project will contribute to ensuring continuing operations and use of the McConnell Arena by the various McGill sports teams and programs. The project will also support the continuity of student and staff access to services relying upon the proper functioning of the electrical and mechanical systems of the McConnell Arena. These improvements are in line with McGill’s efforts to reduce and improve its energy consumptions and footprint.

Project manager: Agostino Polillo - agostino.polillo [at]

Assistant project manager: Juan Carlos Guerrero - juan.guerrero [at]

Construction start date : June 19, 2023

Planned construction end date : Mid-December, 2023

Work schedule : Monday to Friday 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Any additional hours will be coordinated.

Scope of work :

Phase 1 consists of executing the preparatory installations to increase the capacity of the Arena’s electrical entrance. In connection with this work, there will be exterior and interior modifications on other mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, including civil, structural, and architectural works.

Impact :

The arena will be completely closed from June 19, 2023, to August 1st , 2023, with access restricted to construction and authorized McGill personnel only. Further works will continue after August 1st until mid-December 2023. During this period, certain areas will be temporarily inaccessible.

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