Fighting Disruption and Fuelling Competitive Advantage with AI

Mardi, 26 octobre, 2021 18:00à19:00

How can Canadian businesses remain competitive in an age of constant disruption? To keep up with the pace of technology, businesses must invest in building a digitally savvy workforce skilled in AI, enabling them to effectively use technology to create more value and make better decisions.

Join us for this free session to learn how ScaleAI, Bell Canada, the McGill School of Continuing Studies, and other partners are helping empower today’s businesses to better face the challenges posed by disruption.

During this session, we will cover the following topics:

  • The state of AI in Canada and how Scale AI is helping fuel projects in various industries.
  • Bell Canada will share their experience on having SCS customize a data science course to meet their learning objectives. 
  • McGill SCS will discuss the work they are doing to help with Scale AI's objectives through our different courses and programs.

Our Panelists

  • Elodie Palluet, Director, Digital Intelligence Talents, Scale AI
  • Etienne Dudley, Director, Investments, Scale AI
  • Bassel Bitar Eng., MBA, Senior Manager Finance - Business Decision Support, Bell Canada
  • Francesca Dorado, CPA, CMA, CTMP, Senior Manager, Finance – Finance Transformation, Finance Grad - Leadership Program, Bell Canada
  • Nabil Beitinjaneh, Faculty Lecturer, Data Program Coordinator, McGill University School of Continuing Studies


Learn about ScaleAI funding for McGill data science programs at mcgill.ca/scs-scaleai


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