5G, Health and the Environment

Mercredi, 7 avril, 2021 12:00à13:00

5G represents a significant departure from previous; generations of mobile technology. With all the talk largely focused on the massive innovation at scale and speed that this new technology will deliver to the market over the next decade, there nonetheless have been growing concerns over the last few years – some driven by a wide spectrum of misinformation - on the potential health and environmental impacts. These concerns represent “inconvenient” elephants in the room that commercial interests have failed to effectively confront in transparent engagements with the public. Instead, they have been largely ignored.

With COVID vaccines rolling out around the world and plans for post-COVID life unfolding aggressively, these concerns will become further amplified as 5G technology, its use and its impacts across countless spheres of business, government and life expand. Sorting through what is fact and fiction related to these sensitive topics will be key in allowing individuals, businesses, and public-sector organizations to better prepare for this post-COVID 5G-powered business world.

Led by John Nikolopoulos, a Mobile/IoT/5G/Cloud/Telecom/IT global technology/consulting executive with 25+ years in senior leadership business/technology roles alongside being a longstanding invited lecturer within McGill’s graduate data science/AI program, this educational webinar will address the following questions:

  • How safe is 5G for our physical health?

  • What impact will 5G have on our environment?

  • Is 5G a “Green” Technology?

  • What about mental health – any concerns here?

  • How can 5G have a positive impact on health and the environment


About John Nikolopoulos

John Nikolopoulos is a Mobile/Cloud/Telecom/IT global technology/consulting executive with 25+ years in senior leadership roles in Sales, BD/GTM, Product/P&L Management, and Solution/Systems Architecture teams driving global channels, partnerships enterprise deployments with $billions of global sales in diverse industry verticals within F500/Large Cap enterprises (Accenture, Nortel, and Sagemcom) as well as high profile start-ups such as Corvis Corp., where he was part of the senior GTM/execution team leading to one of the largest exits in tech industry history with a 1.1 billion$ IPO. John has a significant international technical publication (50+) and public speaking record, contributed to multiple patent filings, achieved senior member status within the IEEE, and gained extensive Wall Street/Silicon Valley Analyst/Board of Directors executive communications experience.


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