Work Your BA - So…“What are you going to do after you graduate?!”


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Work Your BA
So…“What are you going to do after you graduate?!

The question is no doubt familiar, and potentially anxiety-provoking, to any student or soon-to-be Arts graduate, and it can be a challenging one to answer. The possibilities are many, and career paths and transitions often make much more sense in hindsight that they do when you are right in the midst of them.

Learning about the routes that others have followed can often be helpful when you're thinking about your own options, so if you're looking for ideas, inspiration, motivation and advice, come to Work Your BA organized by McGill's Career Planning Service (CaPS) and the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS).


CaPS and AUS are organizing a buffet of events to feed your career curiosity from the public service fair to career panel discussions to a networking event to help you hone your schmoozing skills to access that ever elusive hidden job market.

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Roy A. Norton, Consul General of Canada in Detroit, Michigan
January 28, 5:30pm–7:30pm - Brown 5001

Thinking about a career in diplomacy? Here is your chance to hear firsthand about a career that touches upon  trade, investment, the environment, culture and academic relations. Roy A. Norton Consul General of Canada in Detroit, Michigan will speak about his career, internships and why you should consider a career in foreign service.


Student Leader Panel
January 29, 12:00pm–1:30pm - Lev Bukhman

How can you develop the leadership skills that employers are looking for?
Come and listen to student leaders at McGill talk about their experiences and the skills they have developed as a result of their involvement on-campus.


  • Devon LaBuik, AUS President (Moderator)
  • Justin Fletcher, AUS VP Internal
  • Allison Cooper, SSMU VP C and S
  • Kareem Ibrahim, IRC President
  • Shelby Levesque, FYO Leadership Facilitator
  • David Marshall, Past-AUS President

Beyond the Rack’s CMO James Weinberg:  His BA, His Career and His Advice
January 29, 5:00pm–7:00pm - Brown 2200 (CaPS Library)

Have you ever considered a career in fashion merchandising or e-commerce? Please join us as James Weinberg talks about how he parlayed his BA in Political Science into a career in North America’s premier online shopping club as the Chief Merchandising Officer. In his talk he will also offer industry insights, challenges, opportunities and competencies required for this field and offer general advice to students. 

Graduate and Professional School Panel
January 30, 12:00pm–1:30pm - Brown 5001

Don't want to leave the classroom? Don't worry; we understand. Looking to use your BA as a foundation for study, or interested in professional school? Come to this panel to learn more about the graduate and professional school process and how you can use your BA to get exactly where you want to be.


  • Linda El Halabi, First Year McGill Law
  • Eric Gaskell, PhD candidate Sound Recording
  • Jacelyn Luft, MBA Student
  • Ali-Martin Mayer, Associate Dean of Law
  • Ned Chantz, English Graduate School
  • Lynda Bastien, Linguistics Graduate Program

NGOs and Non-Profits Panel
January 31, 5:30pm–7:00pm - Brown 2200 (CaPS Library)

Love the idea of working for an NGO or a Not for Profit?  Come and listen to professionals who are passionate about making a difference. Find out how they got to where they are and what they love about what they do.


  • Marlo Turner Ritchie, Lead Coordinator, L'Abri en Ville
  • Elana Wright, Student Network Coordinator, Canada World Youth
  • Talia Storm, Coordinator of Volunteers, Aids Community Care Montreal
  • Mario Clarke, Regional Project Manager, YES Montreal

Workshop: Social Media as a Job Search Technique
February 4, 2:00pm – 3:30pm - Brown 5001

FACT: 80% of jobs aren’t posted   
FACT: 50% of posted jobs are on Twitter

Most employers search for candidates on social media sites, and many candidates are eliminated from the recruitment process because of what employers have found on the web. On the flip side, only a small minority of job-seekers are using social media in their job search practices. Turn the odds in your favour! 

This workshop will help participants adapt and expand their social media use to manage what employers see, as well as gain access to the hidden job market.

Working in Business with a BA
February 6, 5:30pm–7:00pm - Brown 2200 (CaPS Library)

Hear from those with BAs who "made it" in the private sector at this panel and learn the special, analytical touch that a BA can add to the business realm.


  • Stephanie Gutnik, Account Associate, News Marketing
  • Xavier Van Chau, Director, Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility, Resolute Forest Products
  • Myriam Gafarou, Manager – Consulting, Ernst & Young

Quartier de L’innovation (QI) info session and Meet, Mingle & Network Event
February 7, 5:30pm–8:00pm - Brown 5001

Please join us for an exciting presentation on the Quartier de l’ innovation (QI). The QI is a collaboration between ETS and McGill which integrates training and innovation, SMEs, Arts and Culture, and community. The QI, which will be located in the heart of Montreal, in the Griffintown area, will be a living laboratory for social and technological innovation and entrepreneurship. Learn what role the students and SMEs will play in this project that will shape the future of Montreal.

Immediately following the QI presentation, join us in a unique opportunity to network with your peers, alumni, and employers.


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