Visionary Organizing in an Age of Climate Crisis with CHARITY HICKS - presented by Under the Weather


Adams Building Adams Auditorium, 3450 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 0E8, CA

Many people feel we live in ecologically destructive, highly unequal and spiritually toxic economies.


They crave an alternative. But what should it look like? And how will we get there? Detroit is a city on the front-lines of neoliberal and ecological devastation. It is also a laboratory for alternatives.

Detroit organizer Charity Hicks will share lessons about organizing for a transition to diverse, democratic, life-affirming and earth-centred economies. In an age of climate and ecological crisis, she will address the need for a new paradigm of movement-building that affirms place-based, resilient organizing and takes the leadership of Indigenous communities and communities of colour.

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