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Using Clickers for Creating Effective Questions


18 Dec 2013 14:00
McLennan Library Building : Room: MS-74, 3459 rue McTavish Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 0C9

Interested in using clickers in Winter 2014? This workshop introduces pedagogical and technological components that will help instructors develop in-class activities that engage students and provide them with opportunities to think critically and test their understanding about what they are learning. We will focus on learning-centered question design, question types, strategies for using them in class, and hands-on activities using the TurningPoint software and the clickers. We will also provide information about follow-up resources at McGill and relevant resources and best practices from the literature.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Design effective questions that are linked to your learning goals.
  • Develop in-class activities to enhance student engagement.
  • Create questions using TurningPoint software.
  • Run "clicker" sessions.

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