Un regard sur l’avenir de la médecine personnalisée, 00:30


Un regard sur l'avenir propose une série de vidéos qui analyse en profondeur les projets de recherche actuels à l’Université McGill. Trois émissions seront présentées en français : Montréal, le Quartier de l’innovation et Médecine personnalisée.

Researching the Future is a video series analyzing in depth research currently underway at McGill University. Three episodes will be presented in English : The Sustainable Future, Music for Life, and The Future of Food.

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Épisode 5: Un regard sur l’avenir de la médecine personnalisée

What exactly is “personalized medicine?” Researchers at Genome Quebec and at the Segal Cancer Centre explain how the advent of DNA has radically changed our approach to targeting disease.  Personalized medicine is also about offering patients better access to information about their conditions through digital patient records. And we see how a novel new technology is allowing children with a variety of learning challenges to play music and interact together.

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