Take a paws from your studies! Dogs at the Library!


Redpath Library Building 3459 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC, H3A 0C9, CA


McGill Library provides support that goes beyond books, journals and study spaces. Sometimes our support during this stressful end of term/exam period comes in the form of furry creatures with four paws! 

The Library is offering the perfect paws from studying with the help of two therapy dogs on December 4 and 6 in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library. Halm (2008) described pet therapy as “inducing relaxation by reducing cardiovascular reactivity to stress” Based on her analysis, she concluded that “this intervention may contribute to optimal healing environments that promote harmony of mind, body, and spirit”.  Just what the Dog-tor ordered!

“It is well documented that visits from therapy dogs have resulted in increased happiness, calmness and overall emotional well-being,” says Amber Lannon, Librarian, Head of Operations at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library. "Pet therapy has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and lift moods," "It also gives students a chance to take a breather, and spend time with a dog offering genuine affection." The Dogs certainly won’t object to a few extra hours of attention either!  

The dogs will be in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library (Redpath Library Building) on Tuesday December 4th and Thursday December 6th from 2 to 4pm. 

For more information on stress management visit http://www.mcgill.ca/fitatmcgill/montreal/intro