Vision 2020 – Making It Real


Thomson House Ballroom, 3650 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC, H3A 1Y2, CA

Event: Monday, February 25th, 1-4pm, Thomson House Ballroom

Come hear some of the great sustainability action ideas that your fellow students, faculty and staff have been carrying around in their back pockets—and submit some of your own! 

The afternoon will include 1-minute idea pitches from six selected projects, fun and frantic workshopping with participants (see below), and final 3-min presentations. There will also be two wildcard tables for great ideas that emerge at the event, and an idea board to capture all your thoughts. A panel of judges will provide feedback to presenters and prizes will be awarded.

This event is open to all! Come help make Vision 2020 real!

We asked presenters to share 140-character tweetable executive summaries of their projects. Here are some of the ideas you’ll help shape:

  • #V2020 The McGill Energy Code Jam – In 48 hours of coffee-fuelled creativity, take a stab at McGill’s toughest energy-reduction problems. [McGill Energy Project]
  • The coordination hub for integrated education – improving accessibility of applied, experiential, and community-based learning and research.#V2020 [Susanna Klassen & Joanne Muzak]
  • #V2020 Have McGill students for a sustainable investment research team, work with CAMSR, propose investments.  [David Summerhays]
  • Implementing lab guidelines and procedures to minimize the generation of hazardous waste coming from teaching and research labs #V2020 [Christian Bouchard]
  • Education series based on anti-oppressive sustainability framework and interconnectedness of environmental and social issues#V2020 [Cameron Butler]
  • Online/physical #space to facilitate #dialogue, event/project #collaboration & #inspiration/self-#development for groups/individuals.#V2020 [Kristen Perry & Victor Lam]