Sociology and History of Québec, 22:00

Thursday, August 13, 2015 22:00to22:30

A Life in Research

Research is the fuel that drives innovation and progress. The work of a researcher is often fascinating, frustrating, challenging, and rewarding. Meet some of McGill University’s most prominent researchers, men and women who have been recognized with major awards like the Ordre National du Quebec and the Order of Canada. These individuals have devoted their careers to answering questions no one else has been able to fully answer before. Find out what prompted them to explore their particular field, what motivates them, and what advice they would give to someone thinking of embarking on A Life in Research.

Episode 3: Sociology and History of Québec

Céline Le Bourdais is a sociologist who uses longitudinal analysis to study : family dynamics; cohabitation and marriage; work and family balance; conjugal histories; family change and aging; family law and policy.

Allan Greer is the Canada Research Chair in Colonial North America. He specializes in the history of native peoples of the Americas. He has published extensively on the social history of early French Canada, the Canadian Rebellion of 1837-38, the early modern Jesuits, property and the history and historiography of New France.

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