Researching the future of Sustainability, 12:00

Monday, March 16, 2015 12:00to12:30

Un regard sur l'avenir propose une série de vidéos qui analyse en profondeur les projets de recherche actuels à l’Université McGill. Trois émissions seront présentées en français : Montréal, le Quartier de l’innovation et Médecine personnalisée.

Researching the Future is a video series analyzing in depth research currently underway at McGill University. Three episodes will be presented in English : The Sustainable Future, Music for Life, and The Future of Food.

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Épisode 4 : Researching the future of Sustainability

What exactly is sustainability and why is it central to our future? What is an anti-oppression officer? in the context of human sustainability? Why do sustainable eggs taste better? What is Eco-Systems Services Montreal? These and other questions will be answered as we examine several aspects of sustainable living.

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