Relationship Building & Conflict Resolution in Change Management


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Relationship Building and Conflict Resolution in Change Management

Madalena Coutinho and Karen Dias, Groupe Intersol Group

CAUCE 2013 Conference • Montreal • May 22-25
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Room: Maisonneuve E

The focus of this experiential, highly interactive workshop is on the development of effective interpersonal skills by providing participants with awareness of self and awareness of others, through the use of the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) and through the application of practical strategies for effective two-way communication based on individual, team, and organizational needs.

Unlike most personality assessments, the SDI goes beyond behaviour to the motivation behind it, answering “why” people act as they do. Leaders who experience the SDI always find it easier to relate to others because they understand and appreciate what’s important to them. Relationships are enhanced as leaders feel more in control of their behaviour choices, both when things are going well, and during conflict. Through experiencing the SDI, they will learn how Relationship Awareness can be successfully applied in their workplace to improve effectiveness in communication and conflict management, and to ultimately strengthen their professional relationships, particularly in a highchange/high-stress business environment.