Personalized Medicine Conference Press Release


The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada (CCAC) in collaboration with the Canadian Oncology Societies (COS), and the Groupe d'étude en oncologie du Québec (GEOQ) is proud to host an international expert-level conference chaired by Dr. Jean Maroun (Ottawa Hospital) and Dr. Axel Grothey (Mayo Clinic) entitled Personalized Medicine in the Management of Colorectal Cancer in Montreal, Quebec on November 5th and 6th, 2013, to promote a better understanding of how medicine and society are preparing for a new age in cancer treatment.

With advances in technology and a progressive understanding of cancer biology, personalized medicine is being applied in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Knowledge of a patient’s genetic makeup is driving the selection of the most effective therapies and the personalized medicine approach to the treatment of colorectal cancer will help physicians detect cancer earlier and improve patient outcomes.

This multidisciplinary meeting will cover how these concepts are being incorporated into today’s clinical practices, to an audience of clinical researchers, members of the pharmaceutical industry, government regulatory authorities, healthcare management organisations, physicians, patients, oncologists, and others in the healthcare community. At a time when health care is evolving rapidly, this expert conference will highlight how we are preparing the landscape for the adoption of personalized medicine in the clinic. 

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