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"Opportunity Cost: Lessons for Canada’s Political Future From its Environmental Past" - Spring Eakin Lecture by Professor Claire Campbell


25 Mar 2013 16:00
Peel 3463 : 3463 rue Peel Montreal Quebec Canada , H3A 1W7

Monday, March 25 - Eakin Lecture by Professor Claire Campbell

Professor Campbell

4:00 pm, MISC Offices (3463 Peel), 2nd floor conference room, free admission

Opportunity Cost: Lessons for Canada’s political future from its environmental past 

The state of the environment is central to Canadian Studies: our territory, our politics, and our place in the international community. But the environment requires an historical perspective. Canada is the product of centuries of people responding to environmental opportunities, but in 2013 we also need to recognize the costs of this pattern and so the limits of Canada as we have historically imagined it. And one of the best places to approach this connection between past and present is in Atlantic Canada, which holds some of the oldest stories of environmental change and the most pressing need for innovations. (Based on the extent of its coastline as well as its environmental economy, Quebec would do well to think of itself, again, as an Atlantic entity).

This talk will explore the past and present of four issues – climate change, marine harvests, commercial agriculture, and fossil fuels – for what these tell us about the shape of Canadian political life.

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