Nature's chorus: Frog calls and bird songs, 7:00


Mini-Science - The Science of Music

Une perspective scientifique sur la musique, de son effet sur le cerveau à ses influences microbiennes.

Ces conférences sont prononcées en anglais.

This series of broadcasts is in English.

Épisode 1: Nature's chorus: Frog calls and bird songs

Many animals, like frogs and birds, produce calls and songs in a variety of social contexts in order to communicate aggressiveness, territorial possession, sexual availability and individual identity. Their vocalizations bring mates together and keep rivals apart, and by eliciting vocal responses from other individuals, these animals converse in duets, trios and choruses. Just as the performance of music is learned in humans so, too, is there considerable learning involved in the production of animal sounds.

Professor David M. Green, Director, McGill Redpath Museum and Professor Jon Sakata, Department of Biology, McGill

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