Montréal food sovereignty and systems research group: Callout for participation


Callout for participation

In a collaborative and multidisciplinary attempt to pull together Montreal-based research, we are organizing a working group that is critically approaching food systems, security and sustainability at different levels: institutions, Montreal and its peri-urban and rural surroundings, as well as the broader ‘Global South,’ which is facing immediate issues of food crisis.

The working group is multi-purpose: sharing knowl- edge and resources, complementing each other’s research, delivering critical feedback and canalizing research interests. The idea would be to meet regu- larly, maybe once a month (or every two months), in order to present one’s research to other members, composed of students, professors and independents from different universities and organizations.

The second objective of the working group is to push for a Montreal-wide understanding and discus- sion of our current city’s food system, the actors involved and the networks that can be strengthened in order to have a decentralized, diversified and resilient food system. Our focus will be applied and socially engaged research, thus, we would hope to work alongside citizens, community organizations, and marginalized groups. We would also strive to present our research at regular intervals.

In our experience, sharing lessons and understanding what tools are at play can have a great impact on how we approach other issues, such as rural development in the Global South.

If you are motivated in your research and ready to collaborate, please send us a short mail on your current research, your investigation interests and the framework in which you’re conducting it (i.e. university course, student applied research, for an organization, etc.). Our preliminary meeting will take place in late January.

We hope that you will join us in this initiative!