McGill Thinkathon - Disrupt Montreal


Bronfman Building 2nd Floor, 1001 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 1G5, CA
free, Registration Required

The Dobson Centre is organizing the first Thinkathon of 2014 to get developers, designers, and non-technicals solving an issue concerning the city of Montreal.

This daylong event is focused on identifying and creating solutions to major issues in Montreal including:

  •     Infrastructure
  •     Information distribution and communication for public services
  •     Financial and economic issues
  •     Connecting communities in a big city
  •     Healthcare systems
  •     Education systems
  •     Tourism and branding

Please register for the event here.

Meet on the second floor, and people can start networking and brainstorming ideas.

People get to select teammates based on the following categories:

a. Hacker - You ask the important questions: “Why?” and, “How?” the new idea or initiative can be brought into reality. Ruby, python, javascript-- you name it, these are but some of the tools at your disposal to help bring the project to life.

b. Designer - A visually appealing user experience is your raison d’etre. You ensure that the final idea is cooler than anything else that we currently use. You help ensure that people know how to use the product and will understand the idea upon first glance.

c. Hustler - You help get the idea out to the public with your unrivalved rhetoric. You are a visionary  for the product and understand how it truly helps advance society. You generate sales, partnerships and important collaborations where no one else can.

d. Analyst - You understand, before anything, for an idea to get off the ground it has to have the numbers to support it: How many people will want it? How much does the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) cost? What’s the current market trend? You work with the Designer to build a cool infographic for an investor to grasp your idea quickly.

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