Le système d’asile en Algérie: Retour vers une mission d’expertise


Chancellor Day Hall Room 201, NCDH, 3644 rue Peel, Montreal, QC, H3A 1W9, CA

The Hans & Tamar Oppenheimer Chair in Public International Law present Idil Atak, postdoctoral research fellow at the Chaire de recherche en immigration, ethnicité et citoyenneté de (UQAM) and with the Centre de recherche en droit public (Université de Montréal).


Instability in Mali, the Arab Spring, European security policies are among the factors that have significantly increased migratory pressure on Algeria's borders. In response, the country has recently begun establishing an asylum system. Idil Atak's presentation will discuss an expert mission carried out in the framework of consultations that were initiated by the Algerian authorities in 2012.