IDIGH Research Day


Atrium and Auditorium, Arts Building, CA, QC, Montreal, CA

The IDIGH Trainee Committee will host a Research Day Conference on April 21, 2017 to showcase the research of IDIGH Program trainees (graduate students and post-doctoral fellows). This event is designed as a platform for the trainees to communicate their research findings, and importantly, to receive valuable feedback from the diverse scientific community (e.g. researchers, clinicians and project coordinators) that makes up the IDIGH program. Research Day is a great opportunity for trainees to practice their presentation skills, interact with the IDIGH community, and add an abstract or oral presentation to their CVs.

Keynote speaker: Dr. Evan Snitkin from University of Michigan

Now accepting abstracts: Deadline February 25. Guidelines | Submit an abstract

Registration opening soon!

Learn more about the event here.

Contact Information

Marwan Ghanem
IDIGH Program Trainee Research Day Committee
marwan.ghanem [at]