Glia-Neuron Interactions Seminar


The next Glia-Neuron Interactions Seminar takes place on coming Wednesday,  Nov 7th, 9.30 AM, room 1120, Pavillon Paul. G. Desmarais, Université de Montréal. There will be 3 exciting talks from the labs of Dr Tim Kennedy and Dr Dusica Maysinger.

Jenea Bin (lab of Dr Tim Kennedy):  "Netrin-1 at the axoglial paranodal junction"

Dr Dusica Maysinger: "Nanomedicines for glia, 1"

Sebastien Boridy (lab of Dr Dusica Maysinger): "Nanomedicines for glia, 2"

Additional information can be found on the attached poster and  our brand new website:

The seminar is open to all interested. Coffee and pastry are served.

Contact Information

Mari Sild
Montreal Neurological Institute
Office Phone: 
514 398 1448
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