(Free workshop) Canadian Culture At Work: Tips & Tools For The Newcomer


McGill School of Continuing Studies, CA, 688 Sherbrooke Street West, CA

This workshop will help you understand the unwritten expectations of the Canadian and Quebec work culture.

  • Do supervisors appreciate gifts in Canada?
  • Are employees expected to participate in the company’s social activities?
  • In a conflict, do employees first tell the boss?
  • What do people talk about during business dinners?
  • Why do employers look for a “fit”?

Come explore the Canadian and Quebec social and corporate culture and share your experiences in this interactive session. Increase your understanding of the subtle and implicit expectations of communication, working in teams, management structures and supervisory styles, co-worker relationships, and daily social interactions in the Canadian workplace.

*This workshop is free and it is open to current or newly admitted/registered SCS students and SCS alumni.

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