Free Webinar: Strategic Mine Planning Under Uncertainty: From Complex Orebodies and Single Mines to Mining Complexes


This is a 60-minute interactive presentation.

Growing uncertainty in global markets highlight the need to focus on new technologies that can add significant value to strategic mine planning.

In the last decade a new mine planning paradigm has emerged where new technologies have been developed to account for core sources of risk and uncertainty, namely the orebodies being mined (supply) and commodity prices (demand).

This webinar will review core concepts of a new generation of applied technologies leading to:

- substantial improvement in the way uncertainty and risk are managed

- better financial assessments and metal recovery

New technologies, such as high-order geostatistical simulations and stochastic optimizers, will be first considered at the scale of single orebodies, mines, and then mine complexes which are conceptualised as a specific type of a supply chain. Concepts will be demonstrated through various case studies.

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