Financial Management at McGill


3465 Durocher, 3465 Durocher , Room 200, CA

Managing or participating in the management of funds is a critical and challenging role. Once basic financial accounting concepts are acquired and learned, on-going learning is required to better manage funds at McGill.

This workshop, designed for administrative personnel with a financial role, provides insight into what it means to be an effective financial manager of funds.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction of finance concepts specifically related to financial management,
  • The different ways spending power is acquired,
  • Give insight on how to effectively manage the spending of funds,
  • Provide the tools required to manage, control and report on financial information,
  • Increase skills and comfort level with financial management policies and procedures.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to...

  • Understand the difference between the different fund types,
  • Navigate through the different FOAPAL hierarchies,
  • Apply the concept and calculation of spending power to different budgeting scenarios and fund types,
  • Comprehend the notion of budget carry forwards,
  • Compare the different sources of spending,
  • Understand how finance security is established,
  • Use the appropriate tools available to control and report on financial information.

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Financial Services
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