Discovering northern Quebec: Introduction to Quebec aboriginals realities



Series of 8 conferences organized by the Great North Mental Health Program of the Douglas Mental Health University Institute
12:00 to 13:30/ Amphitheatre William E. (Douglas Hall)

Topic: Introduction to Quebec aboriginals realities

- Brief summary of the 11 aboriginal nations of Quebec;
- Overview of the current health status of First Nations and Inuit.
- Some historical facts and intergenerational impacts (Indian Act, Residential schools, etc.)
- Cultural wealth and success stories to share
- Sharing of some cultural concepts and practices to facilitate the intervention with First Nations.


Yves Sioui
Coordonnateur du Programme des facultés de médecine pour les Premières Nations et Inuits-Région du Québec, CSSSPNQL

Barbara Bouchard
Conseillère en santé mentale, CSSSPNQL

French presentation/ Bilingual discussion