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Citizens in Action is a non-profit, non-partisan, progressive group of concerned citizens, dedicated to economic & social justice, would like to invite you to attend a free public conference on The Limits to Economic Growth, with guest speaker Dr. Peter Brown (To be followed by a discussion period).

In 1972, the Club of Rome, issued an important report, called ‘Limits to Growth,’ in which the authors warned our leaders that our planet can no longer sustain our endless consumption and pillaging of our resources, the way we have always done, otherwise, we will need 5 more planets! An important book: ‘Small is beautiful,’ followed, also admonishing us about our economic policies of endless growth. Almost half a century later, we have learned nothing, since we are still advocating constant growth, endless consumption, the fabrication of useless goods and built-in obsolescence. Come & listen to our guest-speaker, explain how a new de-growth movement, based on restraint and respect of our environment, has emerged to save our planet from destruction.                                     

N. B.  We meet the second Wednesday of every month, to tackle a different political issue;  same time, same place.

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