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Item 1: Rojyar Moshrefi
Why Pomegranates?

Consumption of pomegranate fruit (Punica granatum L.) has many benefits for human health. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and many other diseases, causes this fruit to be considered as a functional food. Not only the edible part of this magic fruit promotes health benefits but the peel and seed are also valuable sources of bio-components like antioxidants. The origi...n of this ancient fruit lies in Asian countries like Iran and India. At present, however, it is cultivated in many other countries with hot and dry climate.

Rojyar Moshrefi was born in Tehran, Iran, where she completed her Bachelor’s at Shahid Beheshti University in the field of Food Science and Technology. After working for a few years in the field of food science Rojyar decided to pursue her higher education outside of Iran. She left Iran for Sweden to obtain a Master’s degree in the field of Biotechnology. At present, Rojyar is in her first year as a PhD student in the Bioresource Engineering Department under the supervision of Professor Raghavan.

Item 2: Tiff-Annie Kenny
The Nature, Origin and Future of Human Life

All human beings are comprised of the characteristic carbon-based molecular architecture of life. Yet, to the human being, the definition of what constitutes “life” may imply a more cognitive and sentient experience. This presentation will explore the essence, development and future of human life on earth.

Tiff-Annie Kenny is originally from Northern Ontario but has since resided in Montreal to pursue undergraduate studies in the department of Bioresource Engineering. Presently, Tiff-Annie is enrolled as an MSc. thesis student and is conducting a biomass-heating study under the supervision of Dr. Mark Lefsrud.

Item 3: Hongyuan Deng
The Chinese Hot Pot

The hot pot is a Chinese cooking pot in which all kinds of food can be cooked. It is very popular in most parts of China, and is one of my favourites. It Originated in China more than a thousand years ago. It is usually infused with spices and can meet many different people's needs.

Hongyuan was born in Jingzhou, a small town in the central part of China, located in Hubei Province. He finished his undergraduate studies in Evironmental Engineering at Hubei University and is now working on his Master's under the supervision of Professor Prasher in Bioresource Engineering.

Item 4: Golmar Golmohammadi
Modeling hydrology using SWAT

In the province of Quebec subsurface drainage is necessary for two main reasons. First, intensive cropping of cereals, forage, and vegetables is practiced on heavy soils of lower hydraulic conductivity. Second, the cropland is quite flat and absorbs large amounts of precipitation. The hydrologic performance of DRAINMOD was assessed for the southern Quebec region. The model was calibrated using water table depth and subsurface flow data over a two-year period. DRAINMOD simulated the timing and magnitude of subsurface drainage events.

Golmar Golmohammadi is a second year Ph.D student in Water Modeling. Her project is about the development of a hydrologic model at a watershed scale. Her supervisors are Professors Prasher and Madani. She has also worked as a GIS and water resources expert in Middle East Water & Environment and with Pars Ray Ab Consulting Engineers Company.

Item 5: Yamuna Sampathkumar
Food Legumes – A boon to human nutrition

“Pulses" or" Legumes" occupy an important place in human nutrition. Here I am going to present an overview of Lentils - an ancient crop which is mainly used for human consumption. I will highlight its importance, nutrition and exploring new ways to include in our daily diet. Discover a tasty, nutritious and versatile food.

Yamuna Sampathkumar was born in India where she completed her Bachelor’s of Technology degree in Biotechnology from SASTRA University. Yamuna is currently in her second year as a Master’s student under the supervision of Dr. Raghavan.