AstroMcGill Presents: Public Astro Night


This Thursday: "Gamma-ray Astronomy: The Atmosphere as a 3D Display", by Dr. Jean-François Rajotte. It will be followed by night-sky observations (weather permitting).

The third thursday of each month, Astro McGill organizes a public astro night. It is held at the McGill Physics Department, in room 103 of the Rutherford Physics Building, 3600 rue University. It is entirely free, and open to anyone.

There is NO AGE LIMIT to attend and discover the wonders of the universe. But, while they are not imposing any age cutoff, young kids (below 5 or 6 years old) might find the public lecture rather long.

The public astro nights consists of:

  • A public talk (about 1h long) by an invited speaker, a faculty member, post-doc or grad-student.
  • Night-sky observations at the McPherson Observatory on the roof of the Rutherford Physics Department buiding, and with our portable telescopes.
  • A tour of an experimental astrophysics laboratory (when possible).

Snacks and refreshments are served during the lecture, but we ask that you bring your own cup/mug, to help us reduce the amount of trash, and to keep the cost low.

For more info, please contact astromcgill at physics dot mcgill dot ca
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