Ancienne collection de François Olivier–Martin : Histoire du droit français des origines à la Révolution


In 1958, McGill acquired the personal library of a renowned French legal historian, François Olivier-Martin (1879-1952), with the funds generously donated by a former McGill graduate, Arnold Wainwright. Olivier-Martin’s library consisted of contemporary commentaries and rare materials on the law of Ancien régime.  His library reflects with remarkable accuracy the academic interests of its former owner with three major themes of the collection: French customary law, History of professional corporations, and History of pre-revolutionary French law crystallised in his three the most significant works: Histoire de la coutume de la prévôté et vicomté de Paris (1922-1930), Organisation corporative de la France d'Ancien régime (1938), and Histoire du droit français des origines a la Révolution (1948). The current exhibit features selected titles that represent the subject focus and the breadth of the original Olivier-Martin library as well as archival documents pertaining to the history of the acquisition of the collection.

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