Winners Announced for Inaugural Library Undergraduate Research Awards


Published: 2May2018

Congratulations to the 4 winners of the Inaugural Library Undergraduate Research Awards! The recipients were selected for best demonstrating the use of library services and resources in the creation of a research project or creative work and demonstrating an excellent understanding of the connection between research and library services and resources.

Awards were presented in two areas: 1) Humanities, Social Sciences, Music, Law, and Management, and 2) Sciences and Engineering.

Humanities, Social Sciences, Music, Law, and Management First Prize

Phoebe Warren, Political Science and History, for her course project for HIST 431 - Queer America entitled "The Lavender Scare Legacy: A Policy & Law Sourcebook on U.S. Department  of State Employment and Hiring Discrimination Against Queer Americans".

Sciences and Engineering First Prize 

Kabisha Velauthapillai, Environmental Studies, for her Honours Thesis entitled "Environmental concerns within Montréal’s Ilankai Tamil community: A tentative report".

Humanities, Social Sciences, Music, Law, and Management Runner Up

Muhan Zhang, East Asian Studies and Art History, for her Honours Thesis entitled "Envisioning Diasporic Art: Chinese Canadian Art in the Global Contemporary. A Comparative Case Study of The Works of Gu Xiong and Karen Tam".

Sciences and Engineering Runner Up

Janice Ngiam, Sociology for her course project for GEOG 550: Historical Ecology Techniques entitled "How can different mapping sources be used to reconstruct historical landscapes? The case of Daly Point, New Brunswick".