Welcoming Drs Patrick Iannattone, Sarah Ousalem, Camille Pelletier-Vernoy & Saman Ahmad

Published: 27 June 2023

A warm welcome to Patrick Iannottone, Sarah Ousalem and Camille Pelletier-Vernoy who joined (or will soon to be joining) St Mary’s. Your arrival brings fresh expertise, and we look forward to officially introducing you to the Division. In addition, Saman Ahmad will be starting in the late Fall at the MUHC. We await her arrival and anticipate the valuable contributions she will make to our Division in the area of Quality Improvement.

Faculty Site Joined/Joining
Dr. Patrick Iannattone St.Mary’s June 2023
Dr. Sarah Ousalem St.Mary’s June 2023
Dr. Camille Pelletier-Vernoy St.Mary’s Fall 2023
Dr. Saman Ahmad MUHC Fall 2023


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