From Welcome to Au Revoir

Published: 13 September 2023

Welcome Luncheon for the New Cohort

The day commenced with a Welcome Luncheon, inviting the incoming cohort of students to embark on their educational journey in the field of air and space law. The luncheon served as a platform for students to acquaint themselves with faculty members and their peers, setting the stage for a thriving academic community. Like in the past, the Institute continues its history of welcoming a truly international cohort of students hailing from Taiwan, Germany, Argentina, US, Indonesia, Sweden, UK, Japan, Colombia, Italy, Hong Kong, China, India and Canada.

During the luncheon students were given the opportunity to meet their peers and the Institute, which was represented by the two Co-Directors, Prof. Andrea Harrington and Prof. Vincent Correia, Associate Director, Prof. Donal Hanley, Executive Director, Stefan-Michael Wedenig, Editor of the Annals of Air and Space Law, Jack Wright Nelson together with Associate Editor, Arnold Agaba and Senior Administrative Coordinator, Sonia De Riggi.

The Institute was also delighted to welcome Prof. Martine De Serres (IASL Adjunct Professor) and George Petsikas (IASL Sessional Lecturer) to the luncheon where they shared their experience working in the Aviation industry.

Welcome Reception in Honor of Maria D'Amico and Prof. Brian Havel

In the evening, the Institute hosted a reception, paying tribute to two exceptional individuals whose contributions have been indispensable to the Institute's success.

Maria D'Amico, who retired in August, dedicated several decades of her life to the institute, leaving an enduring legacy. As a beloved colleague, mentor, and friend to many, her tireless efforts have significantly shaped the institution, and her departure is marked by heartfelt gratitude from all who have had the privilege of working with her.

Additionally, Prof. Brian Havel, the former director of the institute, recently retired. Prof. Havel's visionary leadership has elevated the institute to global recognition, and his influence as a teacher and mentor has inspired countless individuals. His absence will undoubtedly be deeply felt, but his legacy will continue to thrive. He took the opportunity to remind the Institute of its legacy as the prime institution in the education of Air and Space Law and remarked his confidence in the continued success of the Institute under the leadership of Prof. Andrea Harrington and Prof. Vincent Correia.

Dean Robert Leckey, who delivered some opening remarks, expressed his confidence in the new leadership of the Institute and highlighted its excellence in the education of Air and Space Law.

Recognizing Prof. Donal Hanley and Welcoming Prof. Andrea Harrington and Prof. Vincent Correia

During the reception, the Co-Directors took a moment to acknowledge Prof. Donal Hanley, who served as Interim Director over the past year. His steadfast leadership and commitment to maintaining the institute's high standards have been vital to ensure its continued success.

As the institute bids farewell to the past, it warmly welcomes two new co-directors, Prof. Andrea Harrington and Prof. Vincent Correia. Both directors bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and innovative perspectives that promise to further elevate the institute's global reputation.

Under their leadership, the Institute of Air and Space Law will continue its mission of nurturing the next generation of legal scholars and practitioners in the fields of air and space law.

The reception symbolized not only a celebration of the institute's rich legacy but also a promise of a bright and prosperous future.

As the institute enters this new chapter, it reflects on the dedication and passion of those who have come before, while simultaneously striving for excellence, innovation, and collaboration.

The Institute of Air and Space Law extends its gratitude to all who joined in celebrating this significant moment.


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