Virtual Programming – Our New Outreach

Published: 30 September 2020

We have been offering timely science topics to the community for 21 years through our Food for Thought Lecture Series, and felt the need to continue offering interesting and thought-provoking lectures/discussions for the Fall term. For the past four years, the Series has opened with our very special A. Jean de Grandpré Distinguished Speaker Series. The Series was established to honour Chancellor Emeritus M. A. Jean de Grandpré (1984 to 1991), a long-standing member of the McGill Board of Governors and one of Canada’s most distinguished business leaders. The Faculty has been entrusted to steward this lecture series with a mission to produce and share knowledge. We are well positioned to fulfill this mission due to the fact that we have innovative researchers, we educate the next generation of leaders, and we discover sustainable solutions for tomorrow, thinking beyond the limited horizon of our own discipline by bridging conceptual boundaries and connecting dots.

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