UPDATE: Register and connect a Wi-Fi device with an assigned password


Published: 18Sep2020

Update: September 18, 2020

On September 30, 2020 IT IT Services will be decommissioning the residences' Wi-Fi network rez.mcgill.ca. It has been replaced with the improved service My Wifi Device (see full details in the message, below).

If you are currently using rez.mcgill.ca, you must register your device(s) with My Wifi Device as soon as possible, or you will lose your connection. See instructions in the IT Knowledge Base article: Register and connect a Wi-Fi device with an assigned password.  For smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices that allow you to enter your McGill username and password, you can connect to wpa.mcgill.ca

Original message: September 8, 2020

Using our improved Wi-Fi service, My WiFi Device (formerly GPass), McGill students, faculty and staff can now register and connect Smart TV’s, home media devices, gaming consoles and other devices that don't support McGill credentials (non-WPA2 Enterprise).  These kinds of devices would not normally be able to access the wireless network because they don’t provide a way to enter your McGill username and password to log in.

Examples of devices:

  • Gaming consoles
  • Smart TVs
  • Home media devices (e.g. Alexa and Google Home devices)
  • Smart appliances
  • Wi-Fi hygrometers
  • Wi-Fi temperature sensors
  • Wi-Fi cameras

NOTE:  Google Chromecasts cannot be supported at this time.

When you are on campus, you can self-register such devices using the website https://mywifidevice.mcgill.ca. A password will be generated, which you must enter on your registered device to access the McGill Wi-Fi network.

My Wifi Device is available in residences and campus buildings that have been updated via the Network Upgrade Project. See the list of buildings that currently support My Wifi Device. Once your device is registered, you can connect to mywifidevice.mcgill.ca if you see it in your building’s list of available Wi-Fi networks. 

For instructions on how to register and connect your device, see Register and connect a Wi-Fi device with an assigned password.

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