Update on Macdonald Campus building closures

Published: 1 February 2023

Dear members of the McGill community, 

We wanted to send a quick update on the building closures on Macdonald Campus, following yesterday’s email.

Please note that further email communications on this topic will be sent via the Macdonald Campus listserv, and not to the entire McGill community. If you are not on the Macdonald Campus listserv, you can find the same information posted on this site.

The external consulting firm performing the testing for asbestos is on site and testing has begun. We are prioritizing testing the Macdonald-Stewart and Barton buildings first, then the Raymond building. Raymond is the location under renovation where swipe tests yesterday revealed the presence of asbestos, as outlined in yesterday’s email.

We will have more information tomorrow, based on further test results, to better estimate timelines for building re-openings. We will update via the Macdonald Campus listserv and the website to inform you about any measures that the consulting firm recommends, based on testing, when this information is available.

Thank you to the many people across the University who are working to evaluate the situation and find solutions. 


Pierre Barbarie
Senior Director, Campus Public Safety, on behalf of the Emergency Operations Centre

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