From un-woven societal relationships to a broad-based movement? Union power in societal networks in Quebec (Canada)

Published: 27 January 2022

Authors: Lorenzo Frangi, Anthony C. Masi, and Bénédicte Poirier

Publication: Work, Employment and Society, Forthcoming


Power resources are embedded in societal ties. Using qualitative network analysis, our fieldwork in Quebec (Canada), based on 30 interviews and 3 focus groups, explored union societal ties, their resource properties, and the extent to which unions weave them into a network. We identified five different types of union societal ties: instrumental, civil society organizations, identity-based, satellite, and fishing-line. These ties were mostly unwoven. We argue that network analysis allows unions to frame issues, to identify grassroots leaders, and to leverage societal power resources in broad-based movements.

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