Two-dimensional optical spectrometer with dual pulse shapers


Published: 10Oct2019

Invention 11079

Two-dimensional optical spectrometer with dual pulse shapers


A novel 2D optical spectrometer that overcomes traditional spectrometry issues has been developed at McGill University.


Market Need

Many optical spectroscopy experiments are one dimensional with only one frequency used as the input source. This linear approach, however, would not be able to determine whether two peak outputs are the result of multiple transitions from the same molecule or from different molecules in the same sample. Two dimensional experiments excite with two frequencies, which allows advantages such as background free detection or investigation of energy transfer in molecules. The implementation becomes quite challenging with multiple laser sources, caused by an increase in background signal and complex laser stability configurations.


Technology Summary

This invention is a two-dimensional optical spectrometer with dual pulse shapers, which overcomes the issues associated with 2D-spectrometry by providing more control over each laser pulse. Along with the dual pulse shapers, this design has enabled EBG to be produced in a wafer compatible process. The inventors also believe their software will help the commercial appeal of the technology as well. By integrating a useful software interface with these advanced components, they have reduced a highly complex and mathematically challenging signal processing step into a user-friendly apparatus .


• 2D optical spectrometer with dual pulse shapers to overcome common issues with two-dimensional spectrometry systems
• User-friendly software interface to help run the 2D spectrometry experiments

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