Susanne Lajoie Featured as Part of McGill's Bicentennial Digital Time Capsule


Published: 27May2021

The Future, Imagined by McGill’s Top Researchers

Two-hundred years of trailblazing research has taken place on our campuses. In a time of rapid and far-reaching transformation, the future of research presents opportunities for important change. With the goal of imagining this exciting time to come, the Digital Time Capsule brings together more than 50 of McGill’s top researchers to answer the question: What will be the biggest change in your field over the next 25 years?

Canada Research Chair, Dr. Susanne Lajoie, of the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology makes predictions about how artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and educational technology will affect our learning settings, exploratory experiences, and group dynamics. Dr.  Lajoie prefaces this will her insightful comment that "technology will really be created as computers that care for us", as she predicts that AI will help educators and peers identify the cognitive and emotional needs of growing learners. She further describes a world where barriers to understanding, such as language, will be overcome through improved technology, resulting in a more globally united society.

Watch Dr. Lajoie's Time Capsule Video to learn more.

As part of the Bicentennial, McGillians are invited to share their own predictions on Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #McGill200.



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