Supporting Students with Eating Disorders


Published: 16Nov2017

The Eating Disorder Program is currently under review by McGill University Student Services. However, Psychiatric Services continues to offer support to students with eating disorders who are committed to changing their relationship with food.  Students continue to have access to specialized assessments for eating disorders and, if appropriate, nutritional counselling. Together, the psychiatrist and student will explore a number of ongoing support options that include on-campus counselling services and off-campus community services.  

Students can also access Counselling Services for psychotherapy, and students experiencing health-related concerns can access physicians, nurses, a nutritionist, and a lab, in Student Health Services. Support groups will also be offered in the winter semester through Counselling Services.       

To meet with a psychiatrist, as a first step you must see your family physician to obtain a referral. If you do not have a family physician, you could consult with one at a Montreal walk-in clinic (no appointment is required). You can search through the complete list of walk-in clinics at santemontreal. Alternatively, you can also make an appointment in Student Health Services.  

To schedule a specialized assessment, please psychiatricservices [at] (e-mail) or call Psychiatric Services at 514-398-6019 and request an appointment with one of the psychiatrists specializing in eating disorders. We will always remain available to help students find eating disorder treatment resources off campus in the greater Montreal area or back home.

For students who wish to see a therapist in Counselling Services about their concerns, please call 514-398-3601 to make an appointment or drop by in person (Brown Student Services Building, 3600 rue McTavish, Suite 4200, East Wing). A physician’s referral is not required to see a counsellor. 

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