A Statement from Suzanne Fortier, McGill Principal and Vice-Chancellor, on the Situation in Ukraine

Published: 2 March 2022

Dear Members of the McGill community,

McGill is home to a vibrant international community, and many of us have roots in countries around the world. Global crises can affect us all.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has been a source of deep preoccupation to many of us. As Principal of our university, I am reminded of the need for – and the potential fragility of – stability and peace in order to pursue higher learning and the advancement of knowledge.

McGill University thus stands in solidarity with Ukrainian universities, and with their students, faculty, and staff across that country.

Here at home, we have reached out to offer support to McGill’s international students with Russian and Ukrainian citizenship, and to the McGill Ukrainian Students’ Association.

We recognize that all colleagues and students might find current circumstances distressing. If you are feeling overwhelmed, please do not hesitate to reach out for support. McGill-linked resources are listed below.

Suzanne Fortier
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

For faculty and staff:

For students:

  • Keep.MeSafe is a service accessible 24/7 whenever you need to speak (or text) with a mental health professional for support. You can access Keep.MeSafe from anywhere in the world.
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