On-the-spot soil analyzer with multiple sensors


Published: 12Aug2020

Invention 13076

On-the-spot soil analyzer with multiple sensors


Rapid and automated soil analysis with applications in the precision agriculture industry as well as data collection in hazardous areas.


Market Need

Precision agriculture is a growing industry as average agricultural field size is increasing, requiring every aspect of operations – from planting to harvesting – to become more efficient. One of the elements being examined is the characteristics of the soil. On-the-spot soil analyzers attempt to provide information on nutrients, acidity, or the silt, clay, and sand composition. Many of these technologies are unfortunately limited because of their reliance on manual activation or the limit of only one type of sensor for measurements.


Technology Summary

Compared to other soil analyzers, this technology deploys multiple sensors and can be run in a completely automated mode of operation. In both semi-automated and automated modes, the device is able to rapidly remove topsoil, condition the soil surface, and bring the designated sensors into direct contact with the soil. The presence of nitrates or pH can therefore be analyzed on the spot to determine the characteristics or health of the soil in different spots of the field. The measurements and geographical location are recorded for each collection as well, allowing repeated samples to be taken without extra labor or costly off-site sample analysis.



  • Multiple sensors provide a broader view of soil health and composition
  • Automated technology and sensors allows simple collection of on-site data
  • No expensive off-site laboratory analysis
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