SPF Spotlight: The Macdonald Campus Orchards


Published: 27Aug2018

McGill’s Very Own Circular Micro-Economy

It was 35º C and cloudless at the Macdonald Campus Farm. Though Horticulture Specialist Michael Bleho greeted me at 11 AM, he and his staff had been on the farm since 6 AM. “The weather is tough on our staff,” Bleho said. “It’s difficult to work productively in that kind of heat, so we’ve been starting early and ending around 1 PM.”

It is this kind of dedication that has allowed Bleho and his team to create a productive and ecologically-friendly farm that fosters a circular economic model. With funding from the SPF, the Macdonald Orchards will continue to employ and train students, and feed our campus community, especially the delicious, locally-grown apples, for years to come.


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