Should Canadians be Concerned About Corporate Concentration Levels? | Policy Magazine

Published: 24 April 2024

April 23, 2024 | In Policy Magazine's Emerging Voices series each year, Max Bell School MPPs are invited to write articles on issues important to them. In the third article for 2024, Abdul-Hakim Fuseini underscores the importance incentivizing small businesses for a greater Canadian economy growth. Abdul-Hakim previously taught and conducted research in finance, accounting and auditing at the University of Ghana Business School. His goal is to leverage his public policy education to collaborate across sectors and create impactful policies that support businesses and address societal challenges in Africa.

"In recent times, the issue of corporate concentration has been making headlines, and rightly so. With big firms dominating the market, and taking up a larger share of the Canadian economy, it has become a source of worry for small businesses. This is not a 'today' problem; it has persisted for over 30 years and Canada cannot afford to remain silent on this issue."

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